Based on Transformers The Movie, the upcoming live-action feature film due out July 27th, Transformers: The Game on PSP lets handheld gamers control the outcome in the battle for Earth as they choose to protect it as heroic Transformers the Autobots or destroy it as the evil transforming Decepticons.

Transformers PSP players will also experience the unstoppable power and massive scale of their favorite robots in disguise such as Bumblebee, Barricade and other iconic Transformers characters!

Publisher: Activision
Developer: Savage Ent.
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Adventure
Store Date: Jun 19, 2007
Region: USA
Language: English
ISO Size: 778 MB
ISO Crc32: 7EC72EA5
Group: ZRY
Release Name: Transformers_The_Game_USA_PSP-ZRY
Filename: zry-tf
Release Date: Jun 20, 2007
UMD Serial: ULUS-10274




Password: metal-forever