Brunswick Pro Bowling proffers dry simulation fare that only a big fan of professional bowling could love.
With a video game, as with the proverbial book, it's generally not advisable to judge the contents by the cover.

Game titles usually give precious little information about the nature of the game itself, opting for an attention grabber or brand identifier over a content descriptor.

It's a rare game that lays it all out in the title, yet Brunswick Pro Bowling is one of those games.

Let's see, "Pro Bowling" indicates a simulation approach to the sport/game of bowling, rather than an arcade interpretation.

"Brunswick" is a venerable brand name in the bowling world, covering everything from shoes to balls and pins.

This brand backing likely means that Brunswick is hoping to leverage and increase said venerability through this game, so we can expect a polished, by-the-numbers representation of the professional bowling scene.

And that's exactly what we get. The only remaining questions are: How well did they do it? And, how enjoyable is it?

The answers: fairly well and fairly dull.
Brunswick Pro Bowling keeps it simple right from the get-go.

Do you want to hit up league night and launch a career or do you just want to bowl? For those interested in the latter, there is quick play.

One to four players can lace up their bowling shoes, choose one of the premade bowlers, and get to rolling. For those inclined toward the former, it's not quite as speedy as all that.

First, you must design your character, choosing gender, hairstyle, clothing, and body type from existing palettes.

Facial expressions range from focused or irritated to downright glum, and the slow speed with which you will cycle through these, or any, menu options will ensure you get a good look at them in all their unremarkable splendor.

Once you complete this ponderous process, it's off to league night for some head-to-head competition.

Publisher: Crave
Developer: Point of View
Genre: Bowling
Store Date: Aug 28, 2007
Region: USA
Language: English
ISO Size: 159 MB
ISO Crc32: CD9CE4D0
Group: ZRY
Release Name: Brunswick_Bowling_USA_PSP-ZRY
Filename: zry-bbpsp
Release Date: Aug 24, 2007
UMD Serial: ULUS-10283




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