Fans of Bubble Bobble, puzzle games, dinosaurs, or fun will be sorely disappointed.

It would seem that Bub and Bob just can't catch a break. Last year's Bubble Bobble Revolution for the DS was a disastrous attempt to update the franchise, despite the fact that it included a functional version of the much-loved original Bubble Bobble.

Now there's Bubble Bobble Evolution for the PlayStation Portable, which clumsily shifts the focus of the gameplay to be more puzzle oriented. Yeah, there's still a pair of cute, bubble-bustin' dinosaurs to mess around with, but the graphics are cold and lifeless, the music is crushingly monotonous, and the gameplay itself is simply tedious. It may not be out-and-out busted, but it's still no fun.

For some completely and totally inexplicable reason, Bubble Bobble Evolution is set in 18th-century London, where two young boys named Bub and Bob are inexplicably turned into dragons (or, more accurately, young boys in dragon costumes), separated, and then each placed on the ground floor of two mazelike towers.

To escape, they'll have to work their way to the top of their respective towers, and though you'll control both Bub and Bob, since they've been isolated from each other, you'll have to hop back and forth between the two towers as they make their ascent.

Publisher: Rising Star Games
Developer: Opus
Genre: Matching
Store Date: Dec 19, 2006
Region: USA
Language: English
ISO Size: 595 MB
ISO Crc32: E4854651
Group: pSyPSP
Release Name: Bubble_Bobble_Evolution_USA_PSP-pSyPSP
Filename: psy-bbevou
Release Date: Dec 27, 2006
UMD Serial: ULUS-10143




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