Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX [EUR] PSP ISO

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Genre: 2D Fighting
Store Date: Mar 10, 2006
Region: EUR
Language: English
ISO Size: 235 MB
ISO Crc32: B7B8D744
Group: DvB
Release Name: Street.Fighter.Alpha.3.MAX.PAL.PSP-DvB
Filename: dvb-sfa3m
Release Date: Mar 8, 2006
UMD Serial: ULES-00235


It's amazing what the PSP's bright, colorful screen can do to make an old game look fresh again. Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max is more or less a perfect translation of what's presumably the last game in Capcom's Street Fighter II spin-off series.

It's a tried-and-true 2D fighting game, featuring a ton of different modes and a ton of different playable characters, and this particular version adds a few extra fighters and options not found in previous versions. Pulling off certain special moves and combos using the PSP's controls can be difficult, but that's really the only reason you couldn't wholeheartedly recommend this game to PSP-carrying Street Fighter fans.

There's a good chance you've already played Street Fighter Alpha 3 before if you're interested in this version. Regardless, it's worth going over some of the gameplay differences that distinguish this installment from other Street Fighter games and other fighting games in general.

For starters, this is the biggest selection of characters the series has ever seen, clocking in at around 40 different faces. You've got every last fighter from the Street Fighter II era on the lineup, as well as most of the cast of the original Street Fighter game, not to mention a whole mess of other characters. It's a diverse and likable cast, especially since each fighter has his or her own story, profile, and unique lines of dialogue.

Alpha 3 Max even goes as far as to throw several extra fighters into the mix, including stick-fighter Eagle and kung fu expert Yun, though these characters hail from other Capcom fighting games. On top of that, you've got three different play styles to choose from for each fighter, oddly referred to as "isms." X-ism is a simple but powerful style reminiscent of Street Fighter II.

A-ism is derived from the earlier Alpha games, letting you use multiple levels of super moves when you've got enough energy. And V-ism lets you dish out powerful custom combos by stringing together all the moves and special moves in your repertoire.

Some moves and tactics are only possible when using one form or another, and though the style you choose doesn't completely change the way your fighter plays, the options still add variety.




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