Generation of Chaos [USA] PSP ISO

Publisher: NIS America
Developer: Idea Factory
Genre: Fantasy Turn-Based Strategy
Store Date: Feb 28, 2006
Region: USA
Language: English
ISO Size: 1050 MB
ISO Crc32: 6202F2BD
Group: DMU
Release Name: Generation_of_Chaos_USA_PSP-DMU
Filename: d-goc
Release Date: Mar 1, 2006
UMD Serial: ULUS-10075


Battles for world domination have been dragging on for generations. Now Allen of Zodia rises to end all wars and bring peace to the world. After the opening story, the player uses the strategy mode to build and strengthen the kingdom.

In the beginning, the kingdom is small and weak. However, as you progress through the game, the player can conquer neighboring kingdoms and stretch its ruling powers throughout the land of Duke.




Password: metal-forever